Long johns Canada

Long johns are an ideal way of keeping warm during our long Canadian winters. Whereas it is common to wear outer garments to keep other parts of our body warm, it is rare for us to wear snow pants, and so that is why long johns are so important. They provide that extra layer between our pants and our skin, and so you should make sure that the long johns you choose are made of comfortable fabrics, such as a cotton and polyester blend.
Long johns Canada:

Long johns pictured: CRAFTSMAN®/MD Waffle-Weave Thermal Underwear Set, at Sears.ca

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Jewelry organizers, Canada

There are three basic types of jewelry organizers: the first type is a sort of mini dresser that sits on a vanity or counter top. This type of organizer should have several compartments, one or two drawers, and rods that can hold bracelets and necklaces and earrings. The second kind is a hanging organizer: these can be mounted on a wall or the back of a door. You do not have the advantage of drawers with these, but they do save space. The third type is the hanging pocket type that is meant to be hung inside a closet like a hangar: these are made of flexible plastic. They are the least expensive, but they are purely practical and not decorative.
Jewelry organizers, Canada:

Jewelry organizer pictured: Veronica Java Finish Jewellery Organizer

Jewelry organizers pictured:
Left: Hanging Jewelry and Accessory Ultra Organizer 80-Pockets (35in) White – Household Essentials #01943, at Amazon.ca
Right: Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer at Amazon.ca, sold by Canadian Shoppe.

Girdle – Canada

These days, the term girdle isn’t used much anymore, perhaps because it may sound somewhat old fashioned. The preffered terms nowadays seem to be shapewear, bodysuit or control briefs. But whatever you call them, they still do the same thing: they help change the appearance of your body. There are plenty of models available online in Canada. Here are some examples:
Girdle Canada:

Girdle pictured:
Flexees® Waist Nipper
, at Sears.ca

Girdle pictured:
Flexees® Torsette Shapewear
, at Sears.ca

Bed sheet, Canada

No matter if you have cotton, silk, or microfiber bed sheets, they all need to be cleaned regularly to eliminate the possibility of bed bugs and dust mites that can cause bodily sores and wreck havoc with one’s allergies. So follow these simple directions: Remove all sheets and pillow cases and stick them in add them to your washing machine with a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit and add lots of heavy duty laundry detergent. Once they are washed, use the hottest dryer setting you can until they are completely dry. For maximum benefit, only clean one bed sheet set at a time.
Bed sheet Canada:

Bed sheets pictured: Queen Size Black – Cozray 4-pc Luxury Silky Soft Bed Sheet Set 1500 series – Available in many colors and sizes, at Amazon.ca

More bed sheets available in Canada online:

Bed sheets pictured: Full Size Gray – Cozray 4-pc Luxury Silky Soft Bed Sheet Set 1500 series – Available in many colors and sizes, at Amazon.ca

Flower girl dress, Canada

At a wedding, no one is as beautiful as the bride, but a close second is the flower girl. All little girls look cute in a flower girl dress and fortunately there are plenty of these gorgeous dresses online in Canada. Remember that after the wedding, the dress can be worn again at any special occasion.
Flower girl dress, Canada:

Flower girl dress pictured: Sweet Kids Baby Girl Ivory Flower Girl Dress 3-6M, available in Canada at Amazon.ca

Flower girl dress Canada: Sweet Kids Baby Girl Ivory Bow Flower Girl Dress 3-6M, available at Amazon.ca

Beach towel Canada

One of the things that differentiates a beach towel from a bath towel is size: beach towels tend to be longer, since they are meant to be big enough to accommodate the entire length of your body. Another difference is style: since beach towels do not have to match your bathroom decor, and since they are not sold in sets, they can be more colorful, and patterned with fun themes.
Beach towel Canada:

Beach towel pictured: Egyptian Cotton Jacquard Oversized Beach Towel, Fish World, at Amazon.ca

Beach towel pictured: Egyptian Cotton Jacquard Oversized Beach Towel, Beach Time, at Amazon.ca

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Shower caddy Canada

If you find that various shampoos, creams, lotions, soaps, and razors are starting to take up too much space on the edge of your bathtub, it may  be time to get yourself a shower caddy. These are designed to hold bottles, sponges and whatever else you may need within easy reach, thus clearing up space and helping to keep the bath ledge clean.
Shower caddy Canada:

Shower caddy pictured: Umbra Bask 3-Basket Shower Caddy. Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca

Shower caddy pictured: Simplehuman Shower Caddy
Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca.