White dress Canada

A basic white dress is one of those essential things that every woman should own, because it is ideal to wear at formal and semi-formal occasions. Of course, white is traditionally worn during the summer months, and this makes a white dress perfect for garden parties or outdoor wedding receptions. Make it a part of your wardrobe.
White dress Canada:

White dress pictured:
Liz Claiborne® Sleeveless Lace Dress
, from Sears.ca in Canada.

White Dress pictured:
Jessica®/MD Knot Sleeve Shutter-Tuck Dress
, from Sears.ca in Canada.

Laundry hamper Canada

When buying a laundry hamper, you should first consider whether you need a single, double or triple hamper / sorter. The advantage of the double and triple models is that you can put in your dirty laundry in the different bins according to colors or fabrics, saving you sorting time on laundry day.
Next you should consider whether you want a hamper with wheels, since they are great for pulling up right next to the washing machine without much effort. If your laundry room is on another floor though, you may want a hamper without wheels. Material should also be considered. Some hampers have sturdy steel frames, other are wicker, some are mesh (these can be handy for carrying to the laundromat, since they are lighter), and some are wood cabinets, looking more like an attractive piece of furniture.
Laundry hamper Canada:

Laundry hamper pictured: Honey-Can-Do Two-in-One Double Resin Hamper with Cover, Natural, 2-Bin, at Amazon.ca

Laundry Hamper
Pictured: Whitney Design ML-6445 Seagrass KD Triple Sorter – with Removable Bags

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Kids loft beds Canada

A loft bed is a perfect solution to space problems in a child’s room. Since the bed is elevated, it clears up room below. Room that can be used to place a desk or simply to use as a play area. Of course, some models already have a desk incorporated in that space, while some others let you use the space as you wish. As space-savers, they are also great for rooms that two kids share. And kids love loft beds because they get to go up stairs or a ladder to their mattress, and because the space under the bed becomes a sort of personal club-house. A win-win for kids and parents alike.
Kids loft beds Canada:

Kids loft bed Canada: South Shore Imagine Twin Loft Bed in Pure White, at Amazon.ca

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Bath towel Canada

Often, the greatest pleasures in life are the simplest ones. Take for example the feeling of stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself up in a big, fluffy and soft bath towel. There’s nothing quite like it. This is why you should invest in a set of good quality towels. They need not be very expensive, but they should be soft, thick and well made. No need to spend the extra money on designer brands. The other thing to consider is the colors. Pick towels that will fit in nicely with your bathroom’s overall color scheme.
Bath towel Canada:

Bath towel Canada: Turkishtowels Ottoman Elegance Collection Bath Towel,Taupe, at Amazon.ca

Bath towel Canada: Turkish Hammam Collection, Bath Towel, Almond, at Amazon.ca

Towel Bar Canada

Although a towel bar can be seen as a purely utilitarian object, it can also be quite beautiful, depending on the style, finish, and model chosen. After all, the metal components of your bathroom such as towel bars, faucets and soap dishes, are the “bling” that can make a big difference in the overall decor of the space. Towel bars are generally very simple to install, but since the nicest models have screws that are hidden by attractive end-caps, there may be extra steps involved in their installation, and you should read the instructions just to make sure you do everything in the right order.
Towel Bar Canada:

Towel Bar Canada: Moen P5130 30-Inch Contemporary Towel Bar (Chrome) at Amazon.ca